The story of the encounter of Cuban and

German hip-hop musicians in Colón, Cuba


Cuba, Germany 2019


Director: Joe Wentrup


Watch this short documentary here.















Sobre el actual problema de la vivienda en Cuba


Cuba, Germany 2017


Director: Andros Barroso


Since real estate speculation in Cuba became a common phenomenon, many areas of the capital started to flourish. But for those cubans who don't have access to hard currencies, the situation became even more dire. Based on several real world examples, the documentary not only shows the difficult housing situation, but also the lives of those who struggle in Our Daily Havana


Desde que la especulación inmobiliaria en Cuba se volvió un fenómeno común, muchos barrios de la capital empezaron a florecer. Para aquellos sin embargo, que no tienen acceso a divisas, la situación se volvió aún más difícil. Basado en varios ejemplos del mundo real, este documental no solo muestra la difícil situación de la vivienda, sino también las vidas de aquellos que luchan en La Habana Nuestra de cada Día





Documentary Cuba, Germany, 2015


Director: Andros Barroso


In a very intimate convergence from the diaspora, the cuban filmmaker Andros Barroso shows the subtle changes in his country since the visit of pope Juan Pablo II till the visit of pope Benedict XVI.


Historic footage from 1998, when pope Juan Pablo visited the island after decades of feuds between the socialist government of Fidel Castro and the catholic church, is intercut with impressions and interviews of the visit of pope Benedict XVI and the very present. The result ist a contrasty and alternative picture of recent cuban history, from the war of independence via the revolution to the papal visits. 


Andros Barroso manages to reconstruct the important influence of the multi-faceted and syncretic cuban faith in the political and social development of the country, reaching beyond the dogmatic structures of religion and ideology.






The ultimate documentary about cannabis culture


Cuba, Spain, Germany, 2014


Director: Andros Barroso, Vanessa Batista


The new millennium brought about a radical change to Spain in how to handle the consumption of cannabis. People started to struggle their way out of the imposed illegality and created cannabis associations where smoking pot became free of prosecution - at least up to the point the powers that be allowed it. 


That ever growing movement with the goal of legalization and normalization of the consumption of cannabis and its byproducts is the primary subject of the documentary BARCELONNABIS, result of a years long investigation into the world of activism and legal struggle by the Cuban filmmakers Andros Barroso and Vanessa Batista. As a result BARCELONNABIS not just became another documentary for and from pot smokers but a clamor for a free, modern and transparent society.